jueves, 29 de enero de 2009

1. I (see)have seen Ironman five times.
2. My parents (never-be)have never been to Germany.
3. (you ever make) have you ever made a cake? yes i have
4. Brad Pitt (star) has star in many films.
5. We (not do) don't have the English test.
6. (you ever study)have you ever studied French? no i haven't
7. Ana (meet)has met Will Smith. 8. I (never win) have never won a prize.
9. (you ever break)have you ever broke a part of your body?_
10. Now, I (finish) have finished my homework.
Hwk 1 Possessives Choose the correct possessive:
1. Children should obey their parents.
2. A: Excuse me. Is this my dictionary or yours?
B: This one is mine. Yours is on your desk.
3. The bird cleaned it's feathers with its beak.
4. Paula is driving my car to work. Hers, had a flat tire.
5. Julie fell off her bicycle and broke her arm.
6. Fruit should be a part of your daily diet.
7. We live in a building. Our apartment has one bedroom.

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