domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009

Concierto de Iron Maiden

Eramos casi 50 mil personas las que coreamos rolas como Aces high, the trooper, run to the hills, number of the beast y porsupuesto sanctuary, un conciertazo que de no haber cantado ni atreyu ni lauren harris hubiera sido perfecto.
La gente ovaciono a carcass con Corporal Gigsore Quandary y con Incarnated Solvent Abuse en fin un buen concierto y lo bueno es que vienen en el proximo año y seguro estare ahi

jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009

tarea 5

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the present and past passive (BE + PAST PARTICIPLE)
1. My computer was made in Japan.
2. "Hamlet " and "Romeo and Julliet" were written by W. Shakespeare.
3. Did the party was organized by the students last week? Yes, it was.
4. Where did your shoes were made? They were made in Portugal.
5. James Bond wasn´t always played by Pierce Brosnan.

sábado, 14 de febrero de 2009

presente perfecto/have to has to

HWK 3 have to / has to Complete the sentences with have to or has to:
1. Susan has to make her bed.
2. Tony doesn´t have to take out the dog for a walk
.3. Does your mother have to do breakfast? Yes She do
4. Do you have to do the washing? Yes i do
5. I (not) don´t have to wear a uniform.

HKW 4 Present Perfect + already / yet
Put the sentences into the correct order.
1. My parents already have to gone church
2. Peter hasn't arrived to class yet
3. Has Helen watched The Simpsons Yet?
4. have you read "Crepúsculo" yet?
5. I have already done my homework

viernes, 30 de enero de 2009

Tracklist mejores del Thrash pt.1

1.-Live like an angel Die like an evil-----VENOM/Welcome to hell
2.-After Nuclear Devastation-----------VIOLATOR/Chemical assault
3.-Fossilized---------------------------GAMMACIDE/Victims of science
4.-The Defiance Will Remain-----------DESTRUCTION/Inventor of Evil
5.-No Need to Be Human--------------CORONER/No more colors
6.-Dead Embryonic Cells---------------SEPULTURA/Arise
7.-Traitor------------------------------TANKARD/Chemical Invasion
8.-War ensemble-----------------------SLAYER/Seasons in the abyss
9.-A Drop Of Hell-----------------------STRIKEMASTER/Up for the massacre
10.-Ausgebomt-------------------------SODOM/Agent Orange
11.-Manic Depressive-------------------DEVASTATION/Signs of Life
12.-Impossible Brutality----------------KREATOR/Enemy of God
13.-...And Justice for All----------------METALLICA/And justice for all
14.-Metal Forces-----------------------ONSLAUGHT/The force

jueves, 29 de enero de 2009

1. I (see)have seen Ironman five times.
2. My parents (never-be)have never been to Germany.
3. (you ever make) have you ever made a cake? yes i have
4. Brad Pitt (star) has star in many films.
5. We (not do) don't have the English test.
6. (you ever study)have you ever studied French? no i haven't
7. Ana (meet)has met Will Smith. 8. I (never win) have never won a prize.
9. (you ever break)have you ever broke a part of your body?_
10. Now, I (finish) have finished my homework.
Hwk 1 Possessives Choose the correct possessive:
1. Children should obey their parents.
2. A: Excuse me. Is this my dictionary or yours?
B: This one is mine. Yours is on your desk.
3. The bird cleaned it's feathers with its beak.
4. Paula is driving my car to work. Hers, had a flat tire.
5. Julie fell off her bicycle and broke her arm.
6. Fruit should be a part of your daily diet.
7. We live in a building. Our apartment has one bedroom.


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